Through choosing NextG Payments, you are entitled as a customer to see the quality of our service from those who matter most, our current customers. With over 20 years of combined payment and processing experience, there is no obstacle we have not seen or overcome for our customers and our reputation speaks of that. Take some time to look through the testimonials submitted by these customers and let their opinions of NextG Payments speak for itself.

If you would like to submit a Testimonial of your success stories with NextG Payments, Contact Us to let us know how we helped your business.

Native American Jewelry Merchant

I spent over 10 years with my physical business struggling to pay the rent bill and preventing me from seeing any real returns on my business. My son suggested moving my business online to make the operation costs much smaller and the enormous customer base available. After setting up my online storefront, I was concerned about getting my payments on time and securely. Found NextG Payments and they made the process simple, friendly customer service, very fast approval, and no nonsense. Thanks NextG Payments !

eCommerce Merchant

I had so many headaches trying to set up offshore payment processing for my website. So many different approval issues with other companies, THANK YOU NextG Payments for making the process quick, easy, and painless !

Satisfied Merchant

I am increadibly satisfied with the service I have received from NextG Payments. I can call or get in contact online 24 hours a day. I work almost exclusively in the late evening/early morning, 3-5 in the morning, and most payment processers are closed for business at that time. NextG Payments tailor their working to when I need it most so I can conduct the best business I possibly can. Thank you again.

John C.
High Risk Merchant

Dean NextG Payments,
I am very satisfied with your service and the secure payments solutions I can trust. Without your offshore service, I would be worried about taxation and privacy. Your staff has helped grow my business and allow for it to remain sustainable over time.

First-time eCommerce Merchant

I can truly say that I can notice the 20+ years of experience when dealing with NextG Payments. They know what they are doing ! My money is one of the few things that I only entrust certain people to be in access of providing, and I can trust that my payments are getting processed in the most trustworthy way possible.

eCommerce Merchant

Payment processing was always the thing that prevented me from getting my business off the ground. Thank you so much for offering a comprehensive service that made it very simple to get started!

eCommerce Merchant

Getting my ecommerce site started was much easier than I had ever thought it would be, loving the customer service also. Great work NGP.

eCommerce Merchant

I had my traditional brick and mortar business operating for 5 years until I decided to take it online. NextG Payments really made the whole thing pretty hassle free. I continually tell my fellow business friends to use this service and many have.

Retail Merchant

Wow, only took me a short time on the phone and I already learned more from the associates than I ever had by looking on search engines. Thanks for taking the time guys.

Hybrid Merchant

Just got my first payment processed and wanted to stop by to tell you guys thanks for all that you do. Your company is a breath of fresh air to the starting up of my new business.

Gaming Merchant

The offshore options are well worth it. Getting high-risk merchant accounts was always something I saw as being unattainable without paying huge amounts of money to acquire, but that was not the case when dealing with NextG Payments.

eCommerce Merchant

Just wanted to speak up about your service. Loving it, 100% loving it. Very well organized and easy to understand when accessing my processed payments. Truly what I was looking for in a payment processor.


Best money I have ever spent on my business was spent setting up my accounts with NextG Payments. The testimonials were correct, their service is fantastic.

Retail Merchant

The most professional service I have dealt with while setting up my business. Two thumbs up!

eCommerce Merchant

Just wanted to stop by and thank you guys. Great service, I feel comfortable talking to your associates anytime I have a stressful situation arise.

Mike G.
eCommerce Merchant

Spectacular service, truly spectacular.

Charlie K.
eCommerce Merchant

Had a very stressful couple of weeks getting my business accounts squared away and your office really stepped up to the plate to make the process easier on me, there should be more companies like you around.

Frank L.
Gaming Merchant

Couldn't have asked for service any better.

eCommerce Merchant

Thank you for walking me through the steps with patience, that is rare to find these days and it really helped my husband and me get our business flowing.

eCommerce Merchant

Your hard work and dedication to top quality service shows through your representatives on the phone. Good job.

Retail Merchant

People always told me to avoid trying to start a gambling website because getting a merchant account would be impossible. Called, NextG Payments and they got me set up immediately. Sometimes it takes making the call to get started.

David J.
eCmmerce Merchant

Picked up the phone and hung up in no time at all. Got my account set up with absolutely no problems at all. Great service, I will tell others.

Retail Merchant

I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon your website while searching on a search engine. A lucky day for my business.

Gaming Merchant

Consider our business relationship to be lifelong.

Retail Merchant

Trust is hard to find these days, especially on the internet. NextG Payments, you have changed my perception of this and really been the biggest help I have had thus far. Thanks again.