Offshore Accounts

NextG Payments can increase your merchant account flexibility by going offshore.

Offshore Accounts

Going offshore can be the answer to your merchant account problems.

An offshore account is a bank that is located outside of the country you currently reside in. The wealth of benefits attracts more and more businesses to this type of merchant account each day.

Why go offshore?

  • Increased Privacy
  • Easier Payment Processing
  • Little or No Taxation
  • Safe Protection From Unstable Political Instability
  • Ideal for High Risk Merchants
  • Develop market share internationally
  • Liberal Underwriting Policies

Time To Move Offshore is NOW

  • Liberal regulations
  • Multiple currency processing
  • High risk account options
  • Zero caps for processing

NextG Payments is here to work with you to acquire offshore accounts and become your business’ partner for success. With many new business owners starting their first ecommerce shop or mail order business, time is a crucial commodity. Don’t waste time navigating through the maze of domestic banks. Make the change that will get your business up and running.

Let offshore be the solution to your problems banking domestically and start planting the seed to your business.