Merchant Accounts

Whatever your type of business is, we have the easiest and fastest solution to your merchant account needs.


Merchant Accounts

Flawless Record in Customer Satisfaction

NextG Payments, with its core set of values, friendly associates, and customer satisfaction, has held the reputation as a leading merchant account and credit card processing answer for many businesses worldwide. By providing undeniably superior service to competition businesses with similar promises, NextG Payments outshines their efforts by a flawless record in customer satisfaction for years.

Any business, big or small, has the potential to grow to something great, but making sure the future carries the business larger is a bridge that must be crossed. NextG Payments has extensive experience and client-base in the domestic and offshore and high risk merchant accounts. These types of accounts are particularly a specialty and have provided many customers with the utmost satisfaction from the service.

High Risk Merchant Accounts

What is a high-risk account?

High risk comes from the specific market that the business is in. Examples of these are: pharmacy, dating, weight loss, adult industry, stocks and trading, and even computer sales to name a few.

Offshore Accounts

    Going offshore can be the answer to your merchant account problems.

    An offshore account is a bank that is located outside of the country you currently reside in. The wealth of benefits attracts more and more businesses to this type of merchant account each day.

Why go offshore?

  • Increased Privacy
  • Easier Payment Processing
  • Little or No Taxation
  • Safe Protection From Unstable Political Instability
  • Ideal for High Risk Merchants
  • Develop market share internationally
  • Liberal Underwriting Policies

Card Not Present ? Not a Problem

NextG Payments knows the risks with taking payments without a card present. CNP (card not present) is a daily challenge for many online businesses because there is no physical card being swiped into a processor. This poses a challenge for ecommerce, mail order, and telephone ordering businesses to get secured payments. Having a company you trust with your payment processing solutions is key.

Partnering with NextG Payments will ensure your payments will arrive

Our secure system will allow you to receive payments, hassle free, freeing up time previously focused on payment processing issues and put it back into time focused on your business’ growth. Contact Us for more details

  • Safety
  • Security
  • 24/hour Support
  • Low Risk Transactions