High Risk Accounts

Everything from dating to gambling businesses, your high-risk account needs are taken care of with ease.

High Risk Accounts

The internet and mail order industry cover every possible avenue to sell products and services to others online worldwide. With that freedom to openly sell items so easily, getting a merchant account can be a challenge. Businesses classified as “High Risk” can benefit from High Risk Accounts and will help them to start processing payments in little to no time at all.

What is a High Risk Account?

High-risk accounts are growing more popular as people like you start businesses and have the need to begin processing payments, but are often turned down by traditional banks. Having the customer present to sign a merchant copy of their transaction is what sets aside regular merchant accounts from “High Risk.” CNP, or customer not present, is how high risk accounts are determined and categorized by banks.

Some Examples of High Risk Businesses:

  • Adult Sites and Products
  • Airline Industry
  • Car Rental
  • Bail Bondsmen
  • Collection Agencies
  • Computer Stores
  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Card Rate Reduction
  • Custom Products
  • Dating Websites
  • Private Investigator Services
  • Escort Services
  • Firearms
  • Gambling
  • Hair Restoration Services
  • Insurance Products
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Mortgage Services
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Outbound / Inbound Telemarketing / Phone Solicitation
  • Pawn Shops
  • Pharmaceuticals / Vitamins
  • Seminars
  • Travel
  • Webpage Hosting
  • Weight Loss

We Are On Your Side

Whether you are an e commerce store just starting out or a traditional business that is looking to make your store accessible to the countless buyers on the internet, high risk accounts are a wise option for you.


Whatever your budget, we have a package that will work for you. NextG Payments’ account executives will work around the clock with you to provide an effective and custom program to kickstart your business, guaranteed.

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Sustainable

We cover all the bases, it is up to you to take advantage of these services and start earning profits with your business. High risk accounts makes anything possible for your business, no matter how big or small it is. NextG Payments is your solution to high risk merchant accounts.

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