Domestic Accounts

NextG Payments offers a comprehensive service to get your domestic accounts approved in the shortest time possible.

Getting Your Business Rolling With Domestic Merchant Accounts

When setting up a new business online or even at a traditional storefront, one of the biggest challenges and hurdles for business owners to grasp and act on is payment processing. Payment processing is simply put as the way a business is able to process the payments they receive for the goods and service it offers. Safe, secure, and reliable services are at the top of the requirements that businesses have for their payment processors and the standard to which they hold these processors.


Determine Your Business Type

Many new businesses have trouble determining what type of account they should go with. Domestic accounts and offshore accounts both have their benefits and offer different services that can be helpful for the type of business a merchant is in. If a new business was interested in starting an ecommerce store for a high risk business like gambling or a dating website, they would benefit from an offshore account. These offshore accounts offer increased security and zero caps for processing and liberal regulations to help businesses in high risk markets successfully process their payments.

Many other businesses are not in a high risk business and benefit greatly from processing their payments through a domestic account. With easy approval, better payment terms, 24/7 contact with the provider, and receiving of payments immediately, domestic accounts are the simple solution for many businesses looking to process their payments. Also with these payment terms settled daily into the business' bank account, many businesses are able to work to a better cash flow with this type of account. Others enjoy having the comfort in working with a bank in their own country, avoiding issues with exchange rate and communication that can potentially happen with offshore solutions to payment.

Set Up Your Account

Companies like NextG Payments are at the forefront of both domestic and offshore payment processing solutions and their client base continuously praise the strong customer service and no-nonsense type of handling they do for their customers. Some businesses plan to remain at a traditional storefront business level, while others aim to expand to both or just all online. Whatever the case may be, payment processing is important and to a new business or an already existent one, this can be the most important step toward getting going.

It is easy and only takes 5 mins

Testimonials for NextG Payments rave about the positivity of the customer service, a crucial part of how businesses want their payment processors to be. Emma from Philadelphia, PA wrote "I am so pleased with the service I received from you. The customer support associate Thomas answered every question I had and truly made me confident in using their service. After 6 months of having you process my payments for my eCommerce store, I can fully endorse their service with 100% satisfaction. Thanks a lot!"