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  • Advantages of eCommerce Merchant Accounts

    As the internet grows larger each day, more and more people open ecommerce sites to sell their goods through online storefronts. As their brands grow many seek out new cutting-edge companies like NextG Payments to process their payments. Ecommerce can be easily explained as conducting business and sales online. Whether the sales are business to business or if they are from a merchant to an individual customer purchasing, they are both considered ecommerce.

  • Advantages of Offshore Credit Card Processing

    As popularity for bringing businesses online to ecommerce storefronts, many with high-risk businesses want the ability to also bring their products and services online. The best solution for these types of businesses is to go offshore to solve all merchant account programs. Offshore credit card processing has grown in popularity over the last decade and continues to grow as the internet and online businesses grow alongside one another.

  • Starting Your Business From The Ground Up

    Starting a business from the ground up can be both a very exciting process, as well as a confusing one for new and inexperienced merchants. Where do I begin? and How do I begin accepting payments? It is questions like these that create the hardest hurdle for new business owners to cross. The truth is, processing payments for your business, whether it is online or brick and mortar, isn't as challenging and time consuming as you may think.

  • Retail Stores

    For decades the procedure of processing payments for traditional storefront retail businesses have been largely focused on local bank branches. As the world of technology innovation continues to develop at the speed it is, more businesses are looking to balance their traditional retail storefronts with online sales too. This ability for retail stores to process their payments for both traditional retail storefronts and online sales have made small businesses double, or even triple almost overnight.