Advantages of eCommerce Merchant Accounts

Advantages of eCommerce merchant accounts

As the internet grows larger each day, more and more people open ecommerce sites to sell their goods through online storefronts. As their brands grow many seek out new cutting-edge companies like NextG Payments to process their payments. Ecommerce can be easily explained as conducting business and sales online. Whether the sales are business to business or if they are from a merchant to an individual customer purchasing, they are both considered ecommerce.

How do I make my ecommerce store more secure, fraud protected, and safe? The solution to this is simple, open a merchant account with a company called NextG Payments. NextG Payments’ merchant accounts are secure domestic accounts that allow for a business or individual to process their payments in a safe and secure way. Transfers of funds are in real-time, allowing you to get your payments immediately instead having to wait through long processing intervals. NextG Payments has changed the model for how these

The popularity of people selling their products online has grown over the last decade with sites like Amazon and Zappos leading the interest of many people wanting to start their own stores. Many believe that the business of ecommerce is as easy as finding a product and selling it, but little do they know that security and fraud can easily happen to their business.

By having a secure way to process payments on your ecommerce business store, high risk merchants like gambling and prescription drug websites can get accounts and start processing immediately. People who already own a physical storefront business often see benefits in downsizing their in-house inventory and take their sales online to a larger amount of customers. Going from processing payments at your physical storefront business to processing online payments can be a frightening task. Some are worried about when their payments will arrive, if they have a safe and secure gateway to receive their payments, and how to deal with fraudulent transactions that can possibly happen.

Janet, a 51 year old Native American jewelry seller decided to take her business online after her business was losing steam when the recession hit. “My landloard kept raising my rent and I was fed up with giving in, so I finally took the time to being my inventory online to an ecommerce storefront. It was much easier than I had thought and I am making almost double the amount I was when I was paying rent for my physical store”

A company NextG Payments have grown to become the payment processors standard for people like Janet that moved their physical business to an online ecommerce storefront. With 24 hour customer service and a safety net at every step, NextG Payments have grown into their own as the leading payment processors for ecommerce sites, specifically for those wary of the move from their physical store to an online store. With many success stories of people moving their businesses online, it is hard to avoid the services that allow people to do this with little to no effort at all.