Advantages of Offshore Credit Card Processing

Advantages of Offshore Credit Card Processing

As popularity for bringing businesses online to ecommerce storefronts, many with high-risk businesses want the ability to also bring their products and services online. The best solution for these types of businesses is to go offshore to solve all merchant account programs. Offshore credit card processing has grown in popularity over the last decade and continues to grow as the internet and online businesses grow alongside one another.

Merchants choose to go offshore for many reasons. The biggest reason is the fact that privacy increases by incredible amounts. When conducting business, privacy can prove to be one of the strongest assets to being able to stay alive and away from stringent regulations. In addition to privacy, the small or no taxation gives offshore merchants more power for businesses to flourish without having to worry about paying fees to the country they reside in. Many also prefer going offshore because they fear domestic turmoil putting their business at risk. By credit card processing offshore, unstable political instability is less of a concern of infiltrating your business.

With liberal regulations and zero caps on processing, going offshore has provided many customers with a safe haven for their business processing and merchant account solutions. Mark from Virginia decided to take his gambling website offshore to avoid taxation and repercussions from credit card processing domestically.

“I have never felt safer and more free than when I switched to offshore credit card processing . With offshore credit card processing solutions, I am able to worry about the actual inner workings of my business and not distract myself and consume my time with taxes, lack of privacy, or currency processing dilemmas” – Mark

The benefits are undeniable and increase as political tensions worldwide escalate. As a merchant, going offshore can prove to improve the operations of your business and sustainability of it as well. Many have made the change and others have not, but the benefits await those who choose to make the transition.

Companies like NextG Payments are here to work with you to acquire offshore accounts and become your business’ partner for success. With many new business owners starting their first ecommerce shop or mail order business, time is a crucial commodity. Don’t waste time navigating through the maze of domestic banks. Make the change that will get your business up and running.

NextG Payments are the clear leaders in the offshore merchant payment processing business and continue to develop better solutions for getting their clients to offshore credit card processing. The choice to bank offshore is at the hands of the business owner, but with so many positive benefits from taking accounts offshore, it is undeniable that more will take advantage of this in the near future. By taking your business offshore, companies like NextG Payments guarantee the same 24 hour support 7 days a week to insure that your payments are processed just a smoothly as if they were being processed through a domestic credit card processing package that they also offer. Whether your business is big or small, you owe it to yourself to take a look at how offshore can benefit your company. As success stories continue to grow, it is undeniable how strong the offshore options is beginning to look for ecommerce merchants.