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We Are Your Merchant Processing Solution!

Trouble Getting a Domestic Account?

  • You can't deny that getting paid is what allows your business to run smoothly. When running an e-commerce businesses, mail order, telephone business, or traditional storefront a safe way to securely get your payments is important. Don't waste valuable time seeking out these accounts, let us get the process started.
  • You need a processor that you can trust to keep your business consistent and secure. Chasing payments is time consuming and expensive. Act now and save yourself the headaches later.

We Are on Your Side, Guaranteed

  • With 20 years of combined experience in the business of merchant and offshore accounts, we can help you build your brand.
  • Your business may need a high-risk merchant account; we offer this and many other services to make processing.
  • Our vast network of merchant connected banks is your ticket to success and growth.

We Know Security is Important to You.

  • Using one of the most trustworthy payment gateway solutions in the world, you will never have to worry about the security of your transactions.
  • We pride ourselves on having the top sale associates work around the clock to ensure you pick the proper payment-processing package for your business.

Merchant Accounts

Accepting credit cards is what makes or breaks your online business. Whether you operate an e-commerce or mail order/telephone business, processing payments can often be difficult. We professionally and personally understand the problems faced by hardworking businesses trying to grow their company to the next level.

Untrustworthy payment processors are not our philosophy. Other payment processers are only looking out for their own business and leave their customers in the dust. When we make promises, we keep our promises.

We Are Your Solution

NextG Payments is here to make finding the right merchant account to fit your business. With over 20 years combined in the business of domestic merchant accounts, we can help you build your brand from the ground up.

With payment and processing experience, we have the tools to fit any business, large or small, and here to help you along the way.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for your brand, built from global experience. With our cost-effective and custom services offered, any size business can have a solution personally crafted for them.

High Risk Accounts

The Internet can often be seen as a difficult place to receive payments and operate a consistent and legitimate business, but it doesn't have to be. NextG Payments holds the key for businesses that are considered "high risk," and simplifies their payment processing with safety and security.

NextG Payments' vast network makes the process of getting high risk merchant accounts easier. If you have been declined in the past or unexpectedly had your previous merchant account closed we can help get you processing again in a matter of days. We have your best interests in mine, let NextG Payments be your partner. You can't afford to lose valuable customers and potential transactions, let NextG Payments can work out a solution for you.

Offshore Accounts

In the evolving world around us more internet markets are moving offshore for their processing needs. With the advantages of being able to process higher volumes with less restrictions, the offshore solution can be ideal for you.

Time To Move Offshore is NOW

  • - Liberal regulations
  • - Multiple currency processing
  • - High risk account options
  • - Zero caps for processing

NextG Payments is here to work with you to acquire offshore accounts and become your business’ partner for success. With many new business owners starting their first ecommerce shop or mail order business, time is a crucial commodity. Don’t waste time navigating through the maze of domestic banks. Make the change that will get your business up and running.

Let offshore be the solution to your problems banking domestically and start planting the seed to your business.