NextG Payments has over 20 years of combined payment and processing experience.


Here at NextG Payments, we are here to assist our customers. Being able to accurately answer our customers' questions in an organized and accessible fashion is what we pride ours business on. Having years of customer experience, a skillful and friendly staff, and rapid growth in the payment processing industry, we are confident in our ability to provide and constantly add to our FAQ to better serve you.

How can I contact NextG Payments?

NextG Payments offers 24/hour customer service. We pride ourselves on being a service that you can always depend on, at any time of day. Simply click the "Contact" link in the above navigation bar and select which way of contacting us best fits you.

How long has NextG Payments been in the payment processing industry?

NextG Payments have been in the business of processing payments for over 20 years. With special experience in providing services for customers to build their business from the ground up, we are a true one-stop shop.

What is "High Risk?"

High risk comes from the specific market that the business is in. Examples of these are: pharmacy, dating, weight loss, adult industry, stocks and trading, and even computer sales to name a few.

What is an "Offshore" account?

An offshore account is a bank that is located outside of the country you currently reside in. The wealth of benefits attracts more and more businesses to this type of merchant account each day.

I am in the process of starting my first online business. Where do I start?

Many customers of ours are first-time business starters and we can help. Whether you have sold many things in the past or if you are starting fresh as a new business, our service will benefit you.

How do I know if orders have been processed on my website?

NextG Payments makes finding out if your payments have been processed easier than ever. We send you a confirmation email that informs you of the completed transaction, making the keeping track of your orders easy to organize readily accessible.

How am I able to refund my customers?

Contact NextG Payments and we will take care of the refund for you. Refunds are a part of operating a business; maybe your customer was overcharged or you as a merchant were unable to provide a product or service, either way, NextG Payments makes giving refunds simple and quick.

I have not received my payment for this week? Who do I contact?

Contact our financial representatives by email and they would be glad to clear up payment issues immediately.

I have changed banks. How do I update this information with NextG Payments?

Contact us as soon as possible and we will provide you with the forms necessary to inform us of the change.

Does my website have to be hosted in the United States?

The country you decide to host your website is up to you, NextG Payments will offer you service no matter where your home country is located.

I have closed my business; will I still be able to get my final payments?

Yes. Depending on what service NextG Payments provides you, the dispersement time may vary.